Week 4 Overall Summary

As this course comes down to the end I am aery proud of what I have accomplished. This week was video I was dreading this one since I saw it. But as it turns out this was probably one of the more fun assignments yet! The work load was perfect not to much but enough that I was able to stay busy and organized. In all honesty I didn’t like audio the most which surpised me a little. This week I first looked at Rober Eberts How to read a movie. After reading this I discovered a lot of things like for example I already had a mini basis from a class I took in highschool so I knew about some of the things they were talking about. I also watched the video about the zooms in The Shining. Having these zoom ins and zoom outs creates a suspense watch adds to the entirety of the movie.

For my DS106 Assignments I did three. The First one I did was Tic Tok of a pet. I had a lot of fun making this. I had one issue at first but quickly realized how to fix it. This activity was 3 stars. My second activity was Animal Dance off. This was really fun to make becasue I got to jump around with ziggy and dance to music. My last activity was Vacation time.

Daily Creates: http://elizac.com/week-4-daily-create/


Overall this week I have seen massive improvements in my technological abilities. I really wish I would have taken this class during the regular school year however. This is very interesting and just in a month I have progressed so much I would love to see what I could accomplish over an entire semster.