Week 4 Activities

Robert Ebert Summary: After reading Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie got me thinking about a few things. One thing I thought of was the great teaching technique he was using. I am going into the field of education so it always intrigues me when I hear of different teaching techniques. By him playing the film then when a student says “stop” he stops and they discuss what it is in front of them is a great way to learn about anything. Discussion is a great learning tool. A thing I learned and found fascinating was the visual compositions and their “intrinsic weight”. In my freshmen year of high school, I took a film class and we learned a little about why some things are positioned the way they are in certain movies but reading what he has to say puts a different light on it. It is just something that comes naturally and it is what they do. For example, we do not blink consciously we do it out of necessity or habit. Just like the directors put certain things in specific ways they do because of the necessity to draw emotion out of the audience.