Thoughts and Ideas

WEEK 1: After going through and reading and looking at all of the information the thing that helped me the most was the PDF 20 ways to make better photographs. I took a photography course my freshmen year of high school so my skills were a little rusty. After reading some of the tips things started to come back to me. For example, I completely forgot about how to create depth. After reading that it jogged my memory.

WEEK 2: After reading/ looking at The Vignelli Canon I have realized a few things. One is just the overall importance of good images and how to move along with the reader. The post was in a different language but because of that, it forced me to the next thing which was the images. Through the images, I was able to move along throughout the blog post. I think that this was a great example of how to use imagery and design to help all audiences understand the message that is trying to be conveyed. Whether you understand it through words or through pictures.