Week One Summary: This was a crazy week! This is an exciting course and presents many challenges. When making my website I had to make all new accounts for Twitter, Flicker, and Soundcloud. I struggled with a few things like how to make an “about me ” page separate from the home page. I figured all these things out and am very proud of myself for doing it. I did have another setback that was much more out of my hands. There was a huge storm and we were out of power for almost 12 hours. As you can imagine this made it impossible for me to work on the blog because I had no Wifi.

When looking at the amount of work for this week I got a little overwhelmed but once I sat down and started doing it I realized that it wasn’t as much as I thought it was going to be. Posting with the multimedia wasn’t hard it was just kind of like herding cats for me. Once I would have one thing fixed I would find ten others that needed to be fixed as well.

Customizing my blog was harder but I decided to have the thing that makes me happy as the center of the blog. Ziggy is such a good model and loves being the center of attention so it was perfect to have her be the main focus of my blog.

Overall the process was 50% frustrating and 50% rewarding. For my first time ever doing something like this, I will take this as a win. Also for next week, I believe it will be a lot better banning there aren’t any freak storms.

WEEK 1 final Summary: This week there were ALOT of assignments and to be 100% honest I was confused on a lot of them. I am not a very tech-savvy person so I did these assignments to the best of my ability they may not be very pretty but I tried. The Photo Safari was a very neat project. I have all the pictures under my Assignments tab. I also have the pictures on my Flicker. The best picture out of the whole scavenger hunt was Toy Bear opening the Crate. I think this one really just looked the the bear was the one holding the crate open for Ziggy. Overall the safari was definitely the best assignment. I learned so much and with this I didn’t get frustrated or upset once. Everything was smooth sailing with this project.

The Daily Creates:

Visual Assignments:

I had a lot of trouble with these. I tried to post to the Website but I got this message:

This was a little setback. I am not quite sure why this happened since I am pretty sure this is how we were supposed to post. But instead of not doing and skipping it I decided the next best thing was to post on Twitter.

This week’s experience overall was a lot to handle. I have great confidence in my learning abilities that I will quickly catch on to my mistakes and setbacks.

WEEK2: This week was a lot better now that I have gotten into a rhythm of working and gotten used to the work load things have been a lot smoother. The only promblems I am running into now is formating my website and making it look pretty and polished. As you can see this might be a bigger challenge then I thought. Overall the assignments were pretty fun. My favorite activity was probably making the GIFs. I used this youtube video to help me and it told me to go to Website called Giphy. This was a very simple website to use. I know that we were supposed to use GIMP but that wasn’t working for me so I found another website to make sure I finished the assignment.

Design Blitz this one wasn’t my favorite but it was very easy. All I did was take the pictures then add them to my Flicker. The thought process behind the choices are under the Assignments.

My Daily Creates:

Design Assignments:

This weeks design assignments were honestly very enjoyable. I used Adobe Express for all of them. I had no issues. Overall this week I didn’t have many set backs.