Overall summary week 3

This week I struggled a lot. I am at the beach this week getting some much-needed relaxation, but the WIFI is bad. However, this didn’t stop me from completing my assignments. It just made it extra hard and tedious. On top of all this audio has to be my least favorite thing so far. I hate the way my voice sounds over recording.

I did however really enjoy the Ira Glass and Had Abumrad Videos. My favorite thing this week hands down was the Moon Graffiti video. I also really enjoyed Ted Talk. Each one of the videos was really interesting and brought to light things I didn’t really think about for audio.

As I stated above I really don’t like the sound of my voice on recording so this week’s DS106 bank assignments were definitely not my favorite. But the entire process was a lot of fun

Story time Summary: With creating this I used voice memos on my phone then I moved it to Soundcloud then played with it a little bit and posted it. It was a very easy asignment I tried to incorprate some of the suspense like was said in the videos. This story was a true story she scared me to death.

Celebrity speed dating: This one was also very easy I used voice memos once again. The once I finished I moved it to Soundcloud. This was a little bit difficult with the time restriction. Trying to figure out what to tell a celebrity in 30 seconds was very stressful.

Have a phone conversation: This one I actually had a lot of fun with. I did the same steps as the other two. This is also based off of a true story. Working in customer service should be a requiment before you graduate High school.

Comments/other peoples blogs: Looking at other students blogs has been a god send. I am not the most tech savy person so being able to go look at someone elses work just to make sure I am on the right track really helps!

Daily Creates: