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I choose to watch the last 3 minutes of Jaws

Without audio: I watched the last three minutes of jaws. When watching this with no volume I realized just how good of a job the directors did. I have seen Jaws once so I am not 100% on all the plot lines and everything but watching it without the volume I was able to understand what was going on and what the goal of the guy was. He was trying to shoot the air tank that was lodged in the shark’s mouth to blow up the shark. 

With just audio: now with just the audio I had a little bit of a tougher time figuring out what was going on. That is only because the shark doesn’t really have any defining sounds. So it kind of sounds like a guy fighting what could be a dinosaur or another large animal. Also since this guy can’t really have a diolauge with this shark it makes it 10 times harder to understand what is going on.

All together: With the sound and the video I make it the piece of art we know today as Jaws. With this movie, in my opinion, you could watch this movie without volume and understand most of it however I do not think you could watch it with just audio no video, and understand it half as well.