Final Project

Everyone knows Ziggy Maire. However, she is taking her fame to the next step. As her manager, I am so proud to announce Ziggy’s new movie “The Adventures of Ziggy the Cowgirl.”

As her manager, I want to say this wasn’t easy. Ziggy was working from dawn until dusk to try and finish this movie. “Fame isn’t all treats and pets.” says Ziggy Marie. She is right. This is what the set sounded like from the start of the day to the end.

Her paws running around trying to make sure this movie was perfect.

Once the movie was released Ziggy’s life got turned upsidedown! She was invited to all the partys. She got invitations from Bark Walhberg, Brad Sit and Katy Pawry! So she decided she was going to through a pary and invite all her new friends to it.

With all this fame comes responability. She has made a deal with Bark Jacobs to wear him on the red carpet. When Ziggy saw the dress she thought it wouldn’t look good on her. She had a desicon infront of her. Break the deal with Mr. Jacobs or wear the dress and be proud

This was her decison:

She wore the dress! A great desion by Ms. Ziggy I must say it looked so much better then she was making it out to be.

Ziggy does wish me to announce that she will be retiring after her brush with fame. Here is a statement from Ziggy herself “Hello friends I wish to make public that I will be retiring from my life of fame. Many of you will say that my decision is wrong but you must know that in dog years I have been in this Business for what equates to about 20 human years. So with a heavy heart I say good bye thank you to all my fans you mean the world to me.”