DS106 Activity One 3 Stars

Tik Tok of your pet

Story Behind the video: When I saw this prompt I knew I was going to have to do it. The trouble was I had so many funny videos of Ziggy I couldn’t just choose one so I got a bunch and made a little video using them all. I choose the sound because I wanted it to be like a little college girl video. Like the crazy life of Ziggy the college girl. The main video I wanted to make sure was in there was the last one where she had her shoes on. She absolutely hates her shoes. So once we got them on she was walking like a small deer in high grass and it was very funny.

The process: When making the tik tok I picked the sound and the videos and put them together. Then I texted the video to my computer and I had a little trouble at first getting Vimeo to work. I kept getting this screen but after I let it sit for 10 minutes it finally go all caught up.