Photo Safari:

Start Time
A dinning room dominated by the color white
The futuristic soda maker
The angle Ziggy watches her shows from
The living room with a bright light
My roomates crocs
Ziggys toy opening the door to her crate for her
These two things do NOT belong together
The repeating rug
The pillow is on a journey to the floor
The view from the front door

I thought this was a very neat assignment and I had a lot of fun with it. I decided to do my house. We moved in back in May so it is still very new and exciting. All of my roommates were very confused while I was doing this assignment. Due to the time limit, I had to move fast and they all were watching me in confusion. My favorite was the picture with the gumball machine and the febreeze. I liked this because the objects were just so random. Not many people would expect someone to have a gumball machine in their house. The photo that was most inventive was the one with Ziggy’s toy. I feel like I really brought the picture to life. It was a lot of fun to make.

WEEK2: 2 Gifs

Animals Doing Funny Things:

Animated Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHY
This is Ziggys sitting like a human pose. She does this whenever she is trying to make fun of us humans or when she is being sophisticated. In this particular picture, she had just finished dinner and said “this is what you lazy humans do after finishing your dinner.”

Process: I first tried to use GIMP but it didn’t work very well so I watched this Youtube video a decided to use this website Giphy.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Home Video Gif: The story behind this is we all had water in our mouths and we were smacking each other with tortillas. I was trying to say something but I stuttered really bad which made my friends spit their water out and start laughing

I did the same process as the one before except instead of a sticker I clicked on GIF

Design Blitz: This assignment was about after reading about different types of design we would go out and take pictures that represent some of the different catogries we learned about.

Here are my pictures:

1 Symmetry/ Balence
2 Color
3 Minimalism
4 Symbolism

Each of these pictures have there own story to tell with the need of words. For 1 the fish is extremly balenced in looks and symentrical becasue for it to survive in the wild it needs things like that. For 2 it has all the colors of the rainbow and more. Having things be colorful in an image can set the tone for what is being talked about. For example if I were making a website for a funeral home I wouldn’t want to use that picture. 3. This shows what a collge students wall looks like very bare and with just string lights. The minium can sometimes get the point across. 4. The cups in the tarrot card have a repersentation to them. They aren’t cups for just for fun there meaning behind them. Cups are being filled by water and water is in nature so when a cups tarot card pops out it is normally having to do with nature/enviorment and the enviroment surrounding you.